With over 13 years experience working directly on client email marketing programs, I have a proven track record of increasing results; from opens and clicks to conversions. Speaking, blogging, research and being a regular contributor to Smart Insights, an IDM tutor and DMA council member for almost 3 years, means that I am always up to date with the latest email marketing news to feed my passion!

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There are lots of different types and styles of pop-ups. The key is finding the right fit for your website (and each page on your website). https://bit.ly/3ljXpjj

What data should you ask for? It depends on where the sign-up happens in the buying cycle.
➡️ B2B, ask for more information further down the funnel to qualify the prospect
➡️ B2C, collect minimal, but business-critical, information on initial sign-ups

Gives subscribers total control over what they’re receiving and allows you to add additional data points to your tactical plans by creating a preference centre. https://bit.ly/35wpnF6

Having good list hygiene practices is key to a solid foundation for your email program and getting your emails delivered. https://bit.ly/2VGOVbk

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