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.CH is the № 3 DANE survey TLD (after .COM and .NL) by count of known signed delegations.

In today's round number milestone, that count has crossed 900k (~37.7% of all .CH domains).

Congratulations to .CH. Here's to a million signed delegations and beyond!

#DANE #LetsEncrypt

Please note that the Let's Encrypt intermediate CA certificate "X3" will soon be phased out in favour of "R3" and "E3" which have new keys, and so any DANE TLSA "2 1 1" records matching "X3" will not match "R3" or "E3".

Announcement: Postfix stable release 3.5.3 and legacy releases 3.4.13, 3.3.11, 3.2.16

Announcement: Postfix stable release 3.5.2 and legacy releases 3.4.12, 3.2.10, 3.2.15