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This week @TonyatESET participated in a panel on Zero Trust architecture during #ChannelCon.
▶️ Learn in our video what it means, and the basic practices any organization should implement to protect themselves.
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We are happy to announce that #ESET will be present at Black Hat USA 2022. On August 10th, Robert Lipovsky and Anton Cherepanov will talk about #Industroyer2 - Sandworm's second attempt to take down Ukraine's power grid. 🔌

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Are you on #Tinder? ❤️‍🔥

With 75 million monthly active users, you might be able to find the right one. However there are also traps you need to look out for. Read more about catfishing, sextortion, phishing and other practices used by scammers.

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Before the invasion of Ukraine, Russia was excluded from many #ransomware target lists. Latest #ESET Threat Report hints at a possible change, as Russia faced the highest proportion of detections (12%) in the Ransomware category in T1 2022.

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We're honored and proud to collect the Best Keynote 🏆 during @asciigroup's Toronto Summit 2022 where @TonyAtESET delivered an award-winning presentation that set the standard for cybersecurity expertise and knowledge sharing

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Buying a new PC? Hackers will be after your data the minute it’s connected to the #internet. That’s why you need to think about #cybersecurity even before you plug in and switch on your machine. Use these 10 tips to keep your computer safe. 🔒

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