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If you’re a @CyrenInc user and are concerned about your risk should services abruptly cease - we’re happy to give you access to Abusix Mail Intelligence at no cost for up to 60 days while you get things sorted out.

Reach out and we’ll get you set up quickly.

#cyren #layoffs2023

Great 4 days at #WebSummit in Lisbon 🇵🇹

If you didn't manage to meet us there, we're always happy to meet you online.


#abusix #WebSummit2022

Even if we’re not direct competitors (or maybe we are @imperva? (wink wink), we’re happy to share that we loved @PamMurphyInTech keynote on #WebSummit2022

Keep on rocking 🤘

#cybersecurity #bots

Web Summit day ✌🏼

We’re at the center stage getting a landscape of marketing trends for 2023 with the great @martinsorrell, @SusanLiTV and Julia Goldin from @LEGO_Group ⚡️