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Can you relate? 🤨

Are you still doing things manually and wish to have automation to make your life easier? 🥳

We got you covered! 😎 🚀 Reach out to us! 🤙

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Abusix On-Site Meeting in Karlsruhe just started 🚀

The European team from Abusix has gathered in Karlsruhe, Germany, to brainstorm 🧠, play games 👾, and have much fun together. 🥳

We are so glad to meet everyone in person 😎 🙌

#team #germany #fun #meeting #abusix #onsite

Halon's team was at @etisorg in London last week 🇬🇧🌟

Our dear friends at @abusix invited us to tag along with other old but also new friends 👬

📸 of when our CPO and co-founder Anders Berggren shared some of his thoughts with the community.

#halon #ETIS

CSA and @abusix partnered up in 2021 to protect #email participants. What are the key challenges they are seeing in the industry today? Read our interview with Steve Freegard now:

#emailsecurity #networksecurity #emailgeeks #emaildeliverability

"Dude" 😎 you don't have to look like Walter Sobchak from "The Big Lebowski" movie 😂

You can always contact us at Abusix, and we can help you. 🙌 🚀

Have a great weekend, everyone, and stay spam-free! ✌️ 😎

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At @inboxexpo, we said: “Let’s keep it original and shake it like a polaroid pic.” And we literally did.
We can now freeze time and keep those memories. @andrewbonar thank you for organizing this event, and thanks to everyone who met with us. Now we can say: “We Polaroid it!” 🤩

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