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We know you have questions, and this is your chance to get them answered. 👇

Join the "Ask Me Anything on Blocklists" session with @smfreegard on 19 May at 05:00 PM CET.

Questions are welcomed in the comments.
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So many questions and the days are counting. 📆⏳ Please hurry up and share them in the comments. 👇

We’re ready to answer them on 19 May at 05:00 PM CET.

You can register here:

#abusix #emailsecurity #askmeanything #blocklist #event #webinar

Yes, there are times when you need answers. And there's only one day where you get those answers.

It's 19 May at 05:00 PM GMT. 📅

Join us in our "Ask Me Anything" session on blocklists.

#spam #abusix #email #blocklist

Essential @abusix info @DeliverabilityS :
- Bot signups are heavy: get a captcha
-Typos are dangerous: do confirmed optin
- Their zombie traps will bounce for at least 2 years before activation.
- never think your bounced handling is done, keep on it, it's vital.

Steve Freegard (@abusix) tips at @DeliverabilityS
1) protect sign-up process (captcha)
2) use a reputable ESP to ensure authentication is correct
3) be consistent
4) don't schedule sends on the hour. Avoid peak times for more sympathetic filtering
5) clean your data

Very grateful to our inaugural content steering committee member Abusix.
Meet the @Abusix team in person in London
March 28 & March 29 as sponsors of the #DeliverabilitySummit
#abuse #antispam #emails

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