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AI in Gmail and Workspaces

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The world of email technology is truly constantly evolving and the march towards AI continues, Google has announced that companies using Gmail (Workspace) are able to apply for early entry into a generative AI solution to help write emails and docs.

Its announced as Workspace Labs, a program that promises to allow select organisations to experiment with new generative AI features in Workspace. However organisations may want to think carefully before enrolling, to harness the power of AI you also provides feedback to Google and we are not sure if that includes your inputs etc. We will need to wait and see as the full details are not yet currently available.

Google is promising to unlocking the potential of AI in workspace withWorkspace Labs offering participating organisations access to the latest AI-assisted writing capabilities in Gmail and Google Docs. The cutting-edge features are designed to enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and improve the overall user experience. Effectively leveraging AI, users can benefit from advanced writing suggestions and even generate content with the help of AI algorithms.

No doubt by providing select organisations with early access to these AI features, they can gather valuable feedback and insights via a feedback loop which will allows them to refine and enhance the features based on real-world usage and user input.

How to Join Workspace Labs? Only admins at your organisation can submit their interest at the link below.

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