Sponsor Privileges

We are extremely lucky to have your support and are grateful to all of our incredible sponsors. We have promised to extend a lifetime of exclusive benefits to this elite group and we do not want to disappoint.

As you can see we have made every effort to provide ways in which your existing content marketing efforts can be repurposed with minimal or even no effort on your part.

Over time our benefits will develop, change. Some elements may be withdrawn. However it is always with the aim of maximising the potential return on your original investment and providing genuine value to our users. 

You are able to create additional listings for email specific brands, sister organisations and similar at no fee. To discuss any of these opportunities simply drop an email to [email protected] or schedule a catch-up here.

Some of the opportunities will depend on the level of sponsorship that you have committed to. 

Auto Pilot Content

We can enhance your listing and presence on the emailexpert platform with no effort on your part of the following type of content exists and you provide us permission to republish and redistribute.

  • Blog Headlines and links back, simply require properly formatted RSS feeds.
  • YouTube, Vimeo other video content: re-published and re-indexed by google on our private cloud.
  • Wiki entries, if they exist for your company, platform or executive please advise and we can integrate this custom feature.
  • Twitter, Facebook and other feeds will already have been integrated for you as a courtesy.
  • Youtube channel embedded within your listing, contact for details.

Unlimited Syndicated Content

This is an opportunity exclusive to our lifetime sponsors and partners. We are looking to have 80% unique content on the platform so the opportunity for your to syndicate content has to be strictly limited to a select number of vendors. 

These will be published and indexed, available from your primary listing and cross promoted across the website.

  • Press Releases: No requirement for the conte to be unique. Must be submitted in a timely manner.
  • Infographics: We can re-publish your infographics at no fee. We require a minimum of 400 word description.
  • White Papers and Case Studies: We can make case studies and other content available for download.
  • Job Vacancies: We can provide a login for your HR department or partner to publish all vacancies directly.
  • Webinars & Podcasts: We can host your videos and re-host content uploaded to Vimeo, Youtube and similar
  • Upcoming Events: You can publish an unlimited number of podcasts and other virtual and real events to the site.

'emailexpert REWARDS' for Customer Reviews

There are two types of vendor reviews that we look to publish on emailexpert, there are the long form types typically in excess of 1,600 words. There should be some balance in these long form reviews and must be honest first person accounts.

The other type of review is very quick and requires your customers to rate the service or platform based on 5 stars in multiple categories (vertical and listing type specific). 

For a limited time only we are able to generate unique promotions for your social media followers, clients and advocates whereby submitting genuine reviews results in entry to prize draws and have the opportunity to win various branded merchandise and online coupons and similar.

If you would like to promote the opportunity to review your platform at emailexpert please reachout and we can tailor something to suit your users and brand.

Repurposed Content

These opportunities are again limited to our elite sponsors and life partners.
You must own the copyright of the content being repurposed. This allows you to get even greater reach for the content you have already published, a new channel to promote content to fresh viewers. We will promote your content across our network.

Fortnightly or Monthly roundups of your content
We look for posts of 800 words or more. Short summaries of 3 or more posts with at least one take away for each should be provided on the submitted blog post. You are able to link directly to each of your sites posts from directly within your submitted post.

Do you have a data heavy posts? 
We can create co-branded info-graphics from your data and posts. You would host the Infographic directly and we would link and promote the infographic across or network.

Do you have a series of evergreen posts or instructional posts?
 We can create co-branded PDF Guides from your content and distribute your content on site and across our network in a new format.

Exclusive Customised Opportunities

We strongly encourage our sponsors to use this opportunity to encourage and enable those from within your organisation from marginalised backgrounds, those who identify as other than CIS white males to capitalise on these limited, high value offers. Women (and those who identify as female) as well as individuals from the B.A.M.E community should be actively encouraged to utilise these and other opportunities to enhance their professional profiles by leveraging the emailexpert platform.


  • Exclusive Podcast Interviews: from 6 to 60 minutes in length. Looking to to talk to those at the coalface and the boardroom.
  • Exclusive Webinars:  provide delivery, content and brand awareness for components of our structured online training programs.
  • Collaborate to create surveys, questionnaires and similar user sentiment data points from which multiple pieces of content marketing can be generated.
  • Interviews by Email. Through a series of emails back and forth we generate an interview format blog post.

We want your video!

We are looking to be the goto source of quality video content in the email space by providing a repository of cataloged and indexed videos. We utilise swarmify for our video hosting, ensuring leaking to YouTube’s other content.

Obviously we are setting the bar high there, how are we going to compete with YouTube?

We will not directly, and encourage content creators to continue using those channels and in fact will help promote them.

We can provide a cleaner interface, less clutter, minimal branding and a infinitely better user experience all round including stall-free playback, instant play, optimised across devices, scroll back and forth etc without lengthy stalling, utilising the same technology as Hulu and Netflix to provide a truly optimised playback experience. We just need your permission to host video you currently have stored on YouTube or Vimeo. Alternately if you have video content not already released you can share that directly with us. We will handle the encoding and storage from the get go. 

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