Why You Shouldn’t Hire An Agency

If you work on the customer’s side, have you always been satisfied with your contractors? If you work in an agency, were you happy working with each of your clients? For us, the answer to these questions isn’t always “yes.” Of course, bad results can be caused by an ineffective agency. However, the other problem often is when a company is not ready to work with contractors. In this session you’ll find out if this is your case and what to do instead of or before hiring agencies to save time and money. I’ll tell you how we try to detect this in our potential clients before we start working together. Also, I’m going to share our experience and what we did when things went sideways.

Key Takeaways

– What the signs of being unable to work with an email agency are.

– What you should do if you find out your work with a contractor is counterproductive.

– How to tell the difference between a customer you’ll suffer and a good one.


Elena Blagova, BDO, EmailSoldiers

Elena Blagova is an email marketing specialist with a tech background. She works as a BDO at EmailSoldiers, an agency that creates, enhances, and runs effective email strategies. Her passions are automation and dynamic content, and in her 7 years in the industry she has helped small and large companies get rid of tedious manual work and automatically run as many scenarios as possible.

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