Why Blog for emailexpert?

Establish yourself as an authority in the email space by making regular contributions to our site. We are widely read by a large cross section of individuals in the space. We can help get you on their radar.

Bonus SWAG!

It is true that we often reward our guest bloggers with random gifts and vouchers for swag from our store emailrockstars.com.

Why should I guest blog for emailexpert?

There are literally hundreds of sites you could be submitting your posts to why should you consider submitting your post to us?

Will you insert links into my posts?

No we will not insert any links into your post without having discussed it with you in the first instance. This is almost only ever done at the point of submitting your post and will be to other relevant content on our site. If you do this yourself (find relevant internal links) we are less likely to suggest any to you.

Will you hijack my url?

No once your post is created under a URL at for example emailexpert.com/blogs/mypost we will do our level best to ensure we never ever use that URL for different content.

Will my profile include a link back to me?

Yes we are happy to link back to your own site and social media sites as appropriate.

Will you ever hijack my author bio url?

No we will never engage in hijacking of links of any kind in your site.

Can I include an affiliate link in my article?

On rare occasion we may allow this, however you will need to provide full disclosure in your post.

Will you include my full author bio?

Yes, absolutely we will include your full bio on site including links back. We will also require a decent quality headshot for your bio profile pic.

Can I submit multiple posts?

Absolutely, we encourage a minimum of 4 posts from any guest author. We feel 6 or more posts is the best way to maximise the platforms opportunity to ensure your voice is heard.

Will you promote my submitted guest post on Twitter?

Yes and we will be sure to @ mention you if you have an account.

Will you promote my guest post on Facebook?

Yes from multiple relevant Facebook pages.

Will you promote my post on Linkedin?

Yes through company pages, professional profiles and groups when relevant and appropriate.

Will you do premium promotion of my blog post?

Yes we pay premium fee’s to quality third party networks including QUUU and Zest for review and promotion to maximise the breadth and reach of your posts.

What are the requirements for guest blogging?

Original well thought out content, non-syndicated. At least 1600 words in length is what you should be aiming for. Also please read the blogger guidelines.