How to Build Trust in Your Email Marketing with BIMI

How to Build Trust in Your Email Marketing with BIMI

Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) is a new and completely free way for brands to build trust in their email marketing. BIMI proves brand authenticity by featuring a logo integrated into every email and displayed in the receiver’s inbox. This security feature also provides a novel opportunity to build brand visibility. Launched in Mar 2018, BIMI is expected to become a new standard in authentication. Andre Goermer will outline how to implement BIMI, the obstacles to be overcome, the technical requirements, and the outcomes to be expected.

The Keynote as Monologue

Hello, everyone, greetings from Hamburg, it’s mine, eight minutes past nine, so it’s quite late here in Germany already, it’s dark outside lots here, what should you do this in this situation, and there’s wires out there, so it’s better to stay inside and help them through the lens of the Inbox Expo. So also, thanks to Nely and Andrew for making that happen, I know was probably the most complicated time to get something like that up and running. Especially as we all know, we would like to meet us more in person than just have like virtual exchange. But what I can say and recognise, especially to speak within our company has helped even to bring people more together than before, because and normally don’t have like you Come on. Now these days, you have more of knowledge and therefore exchange as well. So that’s why it’s quite appreciated, and also to all the speakers and sponsors, which are crucial for that event. Thanks for doing all that work. And I must say I’m looking forward to all the recordings. Because when we hear the lockdown will happen in Germany, then I know what I can do, I can watch one of the sessions I missed during the day. So I can listen to that. And afterwards, before I get started, normally flowing speaker should present that presentation day, as well as hold it because he was creating that one and also was driving it. But unfortunately, he got sick. So I’m taking over that part from him. But all the slides you’re seeing have been created by him. So I’m taking over the voice from so that this one can be run through them. So my name is Andre Goermer. I’m heading the professional service department at Mapp as well as deliverability. I’m in the industry for more than 15 years already. So I do love email in that sense. But I can say it like that. Because I’m not only doing that at maps. So aside from my day to day business, I’m also actively supporting two German associations here in Germany, models for the Eco, which is more for the defining and sometimes finding technical solutions and agreements between senders and receivers. reasonably also, the government, German government also tried to participate and getting some technical standards from the marketplace. So it’s becoming more important as we also saw through the last session, even one which was running basically about blocklist, probably all the human experts know what is the right thing to do. Are there enough people out there who don’t? So that’s why it’s always quite interesting to hear that. And hopefully, more people adapt these kinds of standards. So today, I want to talk about me, and how that can help marketeers to gain even more trust to their friends. And me at the end of the step four present indicators for message identification, at the end, what the goal is to gain trust. And that mainly can happen through and sometimes it’s simple, but the visual next to the email sometimes can really help to make a difference between instead of me coming from the company I subscribe to or is it more like a phishing attack so he was there my idea to order to help overcome so that the recipients and the end customers have an faster identification possibility to really click on the on the message they wanted They also can trust that that message comes only from the sender, they subscribe to you. Today, I want to go through the benefits, but also how you can again enable me on your company from a company perspective. But also they are, as always their pros and cons. And it’s not always like you just do fulfil all the technical requirements. And then ultimately, that lower what I described is displayed. So there are some things to consider. But I will come back to that. During the presentation. As I said, Vimeo is at the end, it’s not super new, but the first implementation was done, successfully reported implementation from horizon was in December 2018. And at the end, one of the things which have been making the huge difference, and that will be that logo is showing them that’s why you have differentiation between other brands. And also the horizon report show that an average the open rate does increase, which is a positive sign on both markets marketers are up to for now, it’s Verizon was was trying to net this other group. But Ryan was really the one who saw most of the sense in getting me me to the stage where it is today. So it’s nice to see that also, Google and other internet service providers will join, probably in 2020, let’s see how it goes on. Most important, it’s free of charge. So there’s not a cost behind because I can tell you in Germany, we have trusted dialogue, which was even founded earlier. But it’s like a paid service. Also from the internet service providers there already, you can get a logo displayed, but the brands have to pay for it. And surely are doing it because they see or the benefits or the means at the end, one step ahead, cause it’s free. And you can really solve that with your technical setup. And how that looks like at the end. Go through that buy from from the setup perspective, or needs to be in place. To clear the livability TV as a domain where we want to get dp logo enabled. You can. So the service provider industries in that sense, sometimes small and like miracles helped here to come up with a simple approach that you can verify if your setup is correctly. So at that point, it’s not yet here. So you will show I will show how you can get there. And most important, and that was also mainly part of the sessions I was watching and could watch. It’s really about authentification on so and I think we can help here marketeers to talk to your technical department or the one who’s responsible for the DNS control of your domain that you can get demark enabled because at the end, demark is one of the main drivers for getting the milk enabled. So it’s quite nice story at the end what you can use when you as a marketeer, and you want to do something for your brand and your sequence by also ensuring that your authentication and security measures around your top level domain are to the new standards. In order to prepare yourself for demark you have to first to do some standards which should be more or less already in place. Starting with the SPF, which is at the end the reason or giving you the domain D allows you to send on behalf of the registered IP addresses so that at the end, no one else can use it. So normally it should be like I said it’s more standard not not be new. But based on the experience. Some don’t have this in place. Like I said it’s a good exercise. To get your domain and in the stage where you fulfil all the technical requirements, which are like up to date these days, same goes with DKIM.

It’s also necessary to have you can enable so that the domain itself is ensured and also protected SPF and DKIM praying together to the main line which has been crucial for enabling demark and demark plays again the most important role in the setup of me because you need to have the DMARK policy reject on which means that many internet service providers are supporting demark that whenever someone wants to try to use your domain that this will not land in the recipients inbox so that they can be protected for being fished.

And your friends will be will be impacted by the reputation but by doing so. So a goal is really to get the mark on the reject policy that should be anywhere you go. So the non policy is not helping you much. It’s only helping you in terms of re receiving reports and see what’s going on. But you should really have to go to go through check quality and therefore being is helping you because without reject status, he will not be and this is done as shown here. Your from a technical perspective, ready to go. So to this stage from any be marketeer, it’s more or less not in your hand. It’s more in the hands of your internal it. But it’s important that your internal IDs fulfilling that it can be also done through your internet, through your email service provider, depending on how the setup is on that side. And it’s from a marketeer perspective, not really what you can control. More interesting part from the market perspective for sure if the local your company local, which should be any entity should be displayed on the receivers inbox. To be me logo itself. There’s not that many options. Because y’all know how it looks like from the space, which is next year. Email is not that much of space. So that’s why you need to be smart how you logo should look like. And that is also easily identified. technical requirements is key SVG format. That’s what you need to ensure that this is the case. And you have that again, comes your internal it or you’re in a service provider place to upload that logo into the DNS as well important here it needs to be secure link, which again is already recommended. But as I said, it’s helping you to get your setup in a good stage where you are motivated, but also be prepared for the technical requirements which are like needed these daystoin order to limits on your company’s reputation.

When we have done the steps I just mentioned and you can show go back to that website and you will get the result every single is working fine. And if so, there’s even a nice feature which is giving you like a preview of how it will look like and the different formats supported by the different eyes keys. And that is quite nice snapshot which you can push you also can use to highlight that and internal reporting and so forth. This is good. And as I said at the beginning, like always some constant close to it. Therefore you need to be not

In, in US stage where we feel unhappy when your logo is not straight and displayed. First of all, you can be proud of yourself that you have enabled all the steps before, especially the mark, which is quite crucial these days, in terms of limiting the harm of your reputation to protect your sequence, they’re possible, or the beamy logo might be not displayed because you’re not a brand or you have no reputation, and that sends all your boys to liberal. So therefore you need to be prepared for it’s not like by default working for everyone. So you need to do something for it as well. Like I was mentioned before in the panel about blocklist, there could only repeat how important it is to implement all the measurements that you ensure that your reputation is good enough that you protect not to harm your domains reputations, or all these things, which sounds simple are quite crucial when you want to take benefit out of the middle. So don’t like I said it’s it’s a, it’s worse to make presents ensures you that especially the authentification and technical standards of food, and even that is versed in all these steps before. And as a conclusion, like it’s from me. And I always can say that to some friends. And I’m always doing that you have always these two components, you have the market to who needs to ensure that they have the highest open rate, click through rate, have the highest conversion. So it’s always driven by these kind of KPIs. And then you have the technical departments who are trying to do their site as good as possible. But not always going through all these steps, especially demark. is not as easy to implement as it sounds because there needs to be some cleanups, you need to know where you’re sending messages to domains you’re using. Everything is really like aligned, as it’s lovely sounding but needs to be aligned, otherwise it doesn’t work. But once you have demark on the reject policy, then it might be that you lock out something else which you didn’t have on your screen before. At least you will recognise that that point for bullet wars. And on the other side, more Internet service providers will jump on that be mean set up. And the more they do more you ultimate benefit because you are already ready. So don’t see it like okay, just one ISP or in other countries they might be in also localised piece or that kind of standard. But it’s one time effort to do it once you have it done. And you can benefit automatically from and I can tell you that a lot of centres are already starting to do it. So it might be that you’re missing that kind of journey. So I can just recommend, don’t wait for it, just do it. It helps you to ensure that you’re on the train to the success but also that your domain is well protected, because of the authentification standards I just mentioned. Therefore, I would say thank you for your time. Your questions. Well, I would like to talk to everyone as I mentioned, we have some limitations these days. So I appreciate all the time.

Therefore, thank you. Welcome Nely message, thanks again, for all the offer. So really appreciate such an event can and hopefully will happen again. So thanks for that exactly as you can like the presentation and you watch the recording the Edit link to the VB group total walk so it’s easy to follow what is happening there. They’re constantly working on The next stages as well as adding internet service providers, so easy to follow up on that. It’s always a pleasure. I think you’re looking forward to the weekend as well as you probably had short nights the past days.

Okay. I would say the next session lighting will start in two minutes so then everyone has a bit of a break and students following

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