Email Marketing Trends 2021 (The non obvious)

Length: 3:58
Channel: #ForTheLoveOfEmails

If there is a year that everyone will like to delete from their lives… it’s 2020!

Now let’s look forward to what 2021 has in store for you. If you are an email marketer, you must already be looking at email trends articles on what to expect in Email the next year.

At Netcore, we don’t think of email marketing as just a way for brands to communicate with their customers.

It’s so much more than that! Email in 2021 will be a way for you to tell stories, start conversations, and provide amazing customer experiences. New technologies (AMP, BIMI) could become widespread, or AI in emails could become mainstream!

No one knows as everyone looks at the crystal ball… While everyone looks at the crystal ball, we have presented some breakthrough email trends of 2021 that not many are talking about. Watch it, read it, absorb it, and act on it…before anyone else does! Now go get 2021!