Email Deliverability is achieved as a result of Love & Respect

Email Deliverability is a very complex matter, and depend on many factors. For last couple of years, while studying and experimenting in the filed, I was trying to build a model that would help email senders to improve their email deliverability and keep it on high levels. It finally came to me that deliverability can be considered as a result of love and respect: – Love and respect we express towards our and others resources, time, energy and focus, – Love and respect we proof in our behaviours and our infrastructure set-up.

Key Takeaways

During this session I’ll do my best to share my deliverability model, go through different factors, how are they inter-connected, and ultimately how it all comes down to love and respect.


Radek Kaczyński, CEO, Bouncer

Believer in possibility of improving Human to Human email communication. Really into holacratic learning organisations, Management 3.0, Lean and applying all that stuff in Human 2 Human start-ups. While working on Bouncer (Email Verification for fast growing companies), learned a few things about email and deliverability too 😉

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