Automate Everything in Your Email Marketing Approach

Until now, many marketers think of automation as only a small percentage of their email marketing efforts, put in place primarily to build welcome and abandon cart campaigns. In this session, email marketing veteran Shmuel Herschberg is challenging the paradigm and paving the way to bring more automation into our lives. Join him for a fascinating talk where he explores how to approach email automation with a new perspective to maximize efficiency and ROI.


Shmuel Herschberg, Chief Marketing Officer, Shyn Media

Shmuel Herschberg is a seasoned digital marketing executive, who lives and breathes email marketing. He is the founder of Shyn Media, a boutique agency that offers creative marketing automation, content strategy, and digital media services. Mr. Herschberg possesses a unique blend of technological awareness coupled with strategic thinking and customer psychology. This enables him to translate customer needs into actionable, winning strategies.

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