5 reasons to develop buyer persona for marketing automation

5 reasons to develop buyer persona for marketing automation

Email marketing has become an extremely powerful tool when it comes to nurturing leads, promoting consistent engagement, building customer relationships and driving lead conversions. To achieve desirable results, a brand needs to have a well thought out strategy. Failing to do so will lead to its email marketing efforts slipping through the cracks and getting lost in the sea of unread emails. This is why it is extremely important to define buyer’s persona.

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Hi everyone, good afternoon or evening depends on where you are. We will be speaking about email marketing automation and five block to the greatness of new markets and automation. Just I’m not going to talk for a long time about myself. Just a couple of points I worked with the big brands and I run campaigns for different companies from deliverability perspective, business analysis, segmentation and other fun things in the digital space. From the fun part, I play piano I like music cheers for sports, in particular, in boxing. So let’s nearly I would like to take a few moments to talk about marketing automation, so we will be on the same page before before we start. In today’s fast paced, digital world automation plays a huge role in many aspects of successful business. The term marketing automation refers to technology designed to effectively market through multiple digital channels such as email website, landing pages, and others and automate markets and processes using customer segmentation, customer data integration and campaign management. It allows companies to connect with multiple touch points while nurturing and converting customers. Here are you see numbers and there was a research done and it’s some interesting numbers here. Marketing Automation drives 14.5% increase in sales productivity, and 12% decrease in marketing overhead 77% of marketing automation users have seen an increase in conversions. 71% of companies are using marketing automation, and those that aren’t planned to and nearly two thirds of companies who are outgrowing their competitors are using automation. Here’s some five reasons email marketing automation is important. First, from business perspective, it allows you to spend more time on other marketing activities, as well as make money while you’re asleep. Or as one marketing automation. It’s a highly personalised process of collecting important data on potential customers interests and goals. allowing a business to deliver custom tailor to offer a successful marketing donation campaign great customer satisfaction and loyalty. No other form of marketing could be more personal. When it comes to marketing automation, you have the opportunity to improve the quality of your incoming leads, increase the likelihood of upselling and boost overall ROI. Personas play a very important role in shaping the type of content you feed your marketing automation platform and the buyers journey. But you have to be careful and not overdo automation. It’s important to continuously listening for customers feedback. Some companies that have automation electronic without paying attention. This is not a very good product. On this slide, Dan, this research was done by leafless. As you can see on this particular slide, only 30% of companies are monitoring while doing a good job monitoring email ROI, the rest really needs improvement in in the space and you really can’t improve if you don’t monitor. Here we can see that on average 83% of emails, I get into inbox and so your inbox right, this is only an average 6% I get into spam folder and 11% missing, so basically, they not delivered anywhere. And email deliverability is really about where your email them and why it’s important because it prevents you from wasting resources on sending messages that will never get read. By ensuring your emails successfully make it to your current inbox. It also gives you a higher chance to get your email read. When people read your email your CTA gets the exposure. The more people often use it as the more likely you are to achieve your campaign goals. And companies like Google, AOL, Yahoo, hotmail and others are constantly looking for metrics like open rates, click through rates bounce rates bounce for unengaged users drag down your engagement metrics of open rates, and click through rate and eventually hard to ignore information. Those who didn’t open your emails for more than a month are not likely to start doing so out of the blues. So is it best to scrub your list and retain only your English subscribers. To do this set up a segment to exclude users who haven’t opened your emails in the last 3060 or 90 days. The number really will depend on your sending frequency on your product or service and how you would like to manage the in the expectation. To engage your audience, you have to make content that’s valuable for them. And actually, now we’re going to see five blocks that stop you from being great and marketing automation. And block number one is not creating the content with persona and strategy in mind. Just to talk a little bit about the persona persona, it’s a semi fictional generalised a presentation of your ideal customer based on data interviews and some educated guess. They help you understand your customers and prospects bedroom. And they make it easier for you to tailor content to their particular needs, behaviours and concerns are so not allow you to personalise or target your marketing or different segments of your audience. The strongest buyer persona based on market research, as well as on insights you gather from your actual customer base. And you can have as few as one or two personas if you’re just starting, or as many as 10 or 20. It’s also a good, good idea to have a negative persona. Basically some of that you don’t want to have as a customer, you want to exclude them from your markets in nothing. And while creating content is essential, it does little for brand development and driving sales. If there is not a strategy in place to deliver the content in a way that gives your company is solid ROI. sharing some of your content publicly gives your customers a taste of the valuable information you have paid. Keeping the remainder of this information behind the informational wall gives gives you opportunity and the brand opportunity to capture essential information form and otherwise unknowns visit. block number two is not using a dynamic content. And really those days expectation user expectation that it will be ever single it will be tailored and dynamic. The top reasons consumers unsubscribe from email list is irrelevant messages. A constant flow of information consumers are fed each and every day, it’s become even more essential to provide personalised and customised email messages for your customers by leveraging demographics, behavioural and other data, and how brands demonstrate they know and understand subscribers on the meaningful level, consumers want to know that you are targeting them for a reason, and that your product or service adds value to their current situation. companies that use dynamic content to personalise their complaints are better able to engage subscribers, and that leads to higher returns. I have actually a personal example here. This particular brand, I don’t want to name them, I shopped in the summer, sometime around middle of November 2019. After I purchased a few items from them, I started receiving those signals about birthday surprise, and I was receiving the same exactly email either every day or every other day. There is a few problems with this particular email. My birthday is in May, I was receiving those emails until end of December. And the deadline if you see at the bottom of the of the email is January 31st. That’s the deadline to use my surprise. Second varies some misleading in this particular email. When you say oh, there’s this surprise, you expect the gift. At least I expect the gift. But apparently you have to purchase something and then you receive some item for free. So there is a few few issues with this particular you know, bloke number three is not building a relationship before asking for sale. And I am sure many of you heard that nowadays business is all about relationship. It’s not years before when it was about sale is more calls or meetings you have the better it is now it’s really about relationship and relationship building and fix your email marketing campaign to the next level. Your brand has created original content that your customers are regularly sharing is their network, you have provided offers to drive sales conversions, and that they customer open information. Now it is essential to learn more about your customer by asking them to take a survey or provide additional information on their preferences and interests, you communicate and that you care about their needs. Additionally, by sharing information about your brand, you build a stronger emotional connection. Be a person not a brand. And let your customers understand your values and communicate how you believe right your brand. So it’s again, it’s personal connection, building the relationship. block number four, it’s not giving your customers what they want. And this sentence at the bottom, really, it’s it’s on the right on the left everyone’s using it reads the right person with the right message at the right time. Easy to say harder to do. You can have the greatest message in the world. But it won’t matter if you reach out to their own people. That’s why the first thing you should do is identify who to contact and many times businesses send relevant messages to the customer, or disregard the email activities and interest. buyer personas take into account the different types of customers to be targeted. developing those personas provide insight into the customer and assist in segmenting your larger database. By prompting your customers to create an account prior to checking out or making an appointment the company is able to acquire significant amount of permission based data and consumers are often willing to provide additional information about the interest hobbits and for Francis in exchange for being contacted as long as they understand this goal is to provide them with relevant information. Just imagine the impact of a beauty company sending new fare complex, complex and makeup offers solely to the woman in their database is first skin and blue or green eyes the language you use and the offer you highlight reel change for each segment, ask yourself what is most important to each segment and address those needs. And finally, block number five is not connecting email deliverability and the revenue, that’s a big one as well. The pragmatic value of email is to increase user engagement. For example, companies nurtures their customer basis to welcome and onboarding messages triggered by specific user action. Yet, all the benefit of engagement begins in the inbox. deliverability is where ever since starts, no amount of data or analytics used to create one to one targeted email will help if your email doesn’t arrive. If it’s in the spam folder, you have a reputation or quantity problem or potentially both. More importantly, if it’s in the spam folder, you have a revenue issue. The Direct Marketing Association attributes an average of 18% of total business revenue to email marketing. A significant proportion of email never arrives in the recipient inbox and resource from return positive we just saw earlier, a for that 17 to 25% of legitimate email lands in the junk folder or was missing. The sad truth is that the industry has accepted those numbers. And many marketers are happy we deliver in 83 to 85% of females to rainbow, even those that deliver in the 90%. They still there is still significant room for improvement. If you think about it, what 1% of email delivered to the inbox worse. And what about 3%? What about 8%? What would you do to improve the deliverability by 8%, if you knew the improvements would work 100,000 $500,000 or a million to the top 10. Internet retailers, an 8% increase could mean upwards $13 billion. So it’s huge numbers. And as an example of emails that arise to spam folder, and this is the new bill builder new houses, as you can see on the right, bottom corner, the prices for single starting from low millions, or I would say 1.2 million. And again, it’s going back to the importance of reaching the right person at the right moment. So if I’m further house hunting, today, I might buy from a different builder. And this builder will be started as inventors so if you look at the numbers, price stock of those items, it’s really important to to tutorial a test and be careful use durability because businesses lose a lot of money and potential business and customers when they don’t deliver. Now we will take a look how to actually do it what is persona example and how to build the persona. Here we see an example just a short description. This guy His name is Eric and he is the business owner. He is 55 years old and he owns a local business with 5 million revenue. He is very numbers driven and wants to grow the business to the next level. He does not have any personal digital marketing experience. But he appreciates the need for digital marketing as all of his competitors are already online. And his clients are using social media more and more. Eric requires a face to face personal relationship. Here we broke down to section, this particular persona. So what Eric’s goal he wants to grow the business. He would like to increase business profitability, or sometimes business growth, the revenue but it’s not necessarily grew the profitability. So he’s he is interested to go this part as well and he wants to get a steady flow of flow. What challenges he has parently he uses traditional marketing, he has no way to drop it to our why, and he doesn’t probably doesn’t get anything from traditional marketing. His website is not generating any business for him. And he personally doesn’t have any digital marketing, experience or knowledge. And he has very few, almost zero resources in house. Then next section is about budget. So he doesn’t have dedicated budget, he’s happy to start with 1000 to 1500, in a budget or digital, and he will be willing to increase if he sees it was what potential questions Eric might ask and have. Can you show ROI, basically, if he invest some money, what he gets, and digital is perfect, you can drop everything, and you can show our wide what he spent and what he gets, how we can beat competitors. Can you show example of work before or case studies? If you provide reports, how will you communicate with me, so he potentially he might have some some questions, and how we can help, we can help him generate leads, it’s one of his goals, we can build the right strategy for him, we can educate him about the technology about digital marketing trends, and basically grow his revenue and profitability. Let’s see how we what steps to take in order to create the persona. So step number one would be to use, investigate, research and collect data using your web analytics. And to look really close into into the metrics like bounce rate, organic traffic, page traffic, maybe some pages get more traffic than others being maybe this particular service or products are more popular, what leads you get in through social media, and what kinds of social media if you get leads more from a platform like LinkedIn, then it would be different persona and approach rather than if leads come from phrases. For example, what percentage of mobile traffic you have. So if your mobile traffic is 90%, and 10%, is desktop, you probably need to pay more attention to mobile traffic. And it might be a different h. h category for your persona. What is referring site sites, you have four traffic sources. So really to analyse very deeply your web analytics, to pool everything that might be important in order to create in the persona. Step number two is really to look at your own database. And to collect background data for possible personas form your existing user user profiles. And it’s known that 80% of revenue generated usually from 20% customers, so you really want to concentrate on those 20% who is generating revenue for you. What kind of customers so you want to have more of those customers? Look at sales, stats and transactions. And if you have a telemarketing team, customer support team or any other maybe employees that doing this kind of calling out outreach to customer it’s good to collaborate and talk to them to understand customers concerns when customers or what is what questions they are. What is their concern, if it’s potential prospect, for example from telemarketing, what feedback your telemarketing people receive, what potential questions what why people are not interested or interested, what what is their background, so, really to to collect and close the loop in in regards to information you have step number two Three it would be to execute surveys. And this could be done by phone, in person, web form forms. And you can collect information like age, geographic location, income, ethnicity, it’s really whatever is important for you for your product for your service. And for you to build the persona. A couple of tools that we like it SurveyMonkey and survey most you can use in order to to create Now you’re ready to construct a persona. And first step would be to name the persona very important in that case, we named the persona Mike and it would be useful for example, if you have been meeting these these your staff or meeting these your team members. So you know you refer to versona by by the first name and it also helps you to visualise the person. Number two would be to analyse and define my explains and means. So when you collected the data that you have right now, for each persona, it’s the crucial point is to understand pains and needs, and you have to ask questions like, what problem is Mike trying to solve? What does he need to solve a problem and how you can help him solve the problem. So you have to have the solution for his or her problem. And and step number three would be segmentation. To develop each buyer persona, you have to consider demographics, job level and seniority, daily life experiences, foremen life changes volumes goals, where they acquire the information and experience expectations could be job title, income level age, or specific interest indentify them. By understanding how to efficiently identify each buyer persona, the marketing professional is able to ask the right questions in a concise way on open forums. This way, and customers often for your newsletter or in a marketing campaign, you able to place each individual into his or her appropriate segments. And this is the important now ready to construct the profile, your buyer persona is ready to be built and you have all the parts are created equal to a typical customer profile, including all the other aspects of the we talked about before from product use to demographics, behavioural data lifestyle, I know businesses that they go as deep as knowing where they’re, they’re Sona buying clothes, if it’s luxury boutique, or it’s Walmart or wherever they shop. So it’s really depends on your product, your service, and you can go as deep as you like this persona as more information you will have is better. And whoever just starting, I would recommend to start with one or two persona. As you get more experienced with personas. You can you can have more of them, right. And yeah, and negative persona is important to create. So here I created for our life. workshop, two sheets to work on. On the questions to help you to build the persona. Since we can do it at the moment. I will be glad to email anyone those questions, those two slides. At the end, I will put my email address, feel free to email me and I will email you back and those questions so it will help you to build a persona. So it’s some questions that we cover right? So to summarise what we just spoke about, and steps to a dream and marketing automation success. Marketing Automation is an incredible technology to have horses just the software. The true value to a customer is how the software is used to create more. First set up very specific goals. How many qualified leads do you need? How much website traffic needs to be generating those leads again, so it should be set up the very clear. Second part is developing a buyer persona so you know who your customer and where how to find them. Step number three is create remarkable content that your potential customers want to read. relevant content marketing is essential to success and marketing automation. The content must appeal to the characteristics of each potential customer, and answer questions dedicated to showing how a product or service effectively solves their problem. Creating buyer personas of your ideal customers is critical to ensuring the right content is much to the right person. Next step is create a accountability between marketing and sales departments. The analytics available in marketing automation allow marketing and sales departments to strategically improve their processes and in turn hold each other accountable. As leads are produced through automation and the clear FOSS is established through the buying cycle, it become evident whether elite had the proper follow up to close the sale. And next step is establishing reports in both. last loop reporting ties the sequence of steps delivering potential customers through the buying cycle to the point of recording the actual sale. The easiest way to accomplish loss loop reporting is this CRM integration, where each sale is linked back to customer interactions automatically. If a CRM integration is not available, then most platforms accommodate manual editions of sales transactions to complete. So you understand really who is buying, what buying and how much revenue you get from each each customer and test, test, test and test again. That’s the favourite part. The beauty of marketing automation is that marketers receive a constant flow of data. So I see them in optimising results. All aspects of marketing can be reviewed with a B testing. landing pages. Also options offers blog and social media posts and website pages can all be evaluated and fine tuned to produce the best results possible. Obviously, when you do a B testing, test only one one point at a time. So if you placed in call to action, best only call to action don’t say yes to three or four things at the same time because you want to affect change in conversions. And here we go. Thank you very much for everyone who attended this session. You can connect with me on LinkedIn, there is my website and my email address. Please feel free to email me I will email them the worksheets for building the persona. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me. I will I will be glad to answer all of that. I think we good thank you for nearly and Andrew For quick turnaround with this presentation. Thank you

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