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Email can get an ROI of 43:1

Greg Phillips

Presented by: ​Greg Phillips

Email can get an ROI of 43:1

Join Greg Phillips as he chats about how to get (close) to this number.

About: Greg Phillips

Chief Executive Officer at TouchBasePro, an email communications agency based in Johannesburg Area, South Afri

Let’s talk about email. The main things I’m getting a return on investment, understand me know what I want. Don’t confuse me. These are key elements to getting email right and getting the return on investment tracks. So let me state to one ROI. I think she’ll mentioned that in his previous session. So I just want to give you a context of what that is. So here I’ve got return on advertising spend per dollar. And it’s got all the different out of home TV display, digital search, etc. Just to visually see it, this is where email sits. So it’s a humongous amount. And sometimes emails left as the the leftover type of marketing form. But meanwhile, it’s it’s really the estimates of marketing, and it’s left out of the mix a lot. So let’s talk about the 38 to one, and this is dark arts. And as a little bit of a side note, these two pieces here are the elevation black squares, they are from 1915, when they were done, and they went for $16 million, the last time it was auctioned. So getting this right is 38. to one. What I’m going to go through is our journey on what we do here TouchBase pro to get to get to one was close to that with email marketing, we start off with Dr. Now, that’s what our clients give us is they they email list, we then do some work on engagement. And this is all about enriching the data. And what to do after that is to do validation. So validation of the email addresses, and I’m going to show you what that’s about creative and copy. And the last thing is iterative improvements. The Okay, sorry, I saw it message there. So let’s talk about gossip, and giving us the ability to be relevant. I’ve got a enrichment demo that I want to show you. And this is one of the things that we do. So we can take an email address and from that email address, we can find out more information in the public domain. So this is information that is okay with GDPR. And is okay with our local laws in South Africa, puppy. So the equivalent of GDPR, we just have to show where this public domain knowledge comes from. And that we can we can give you as an example, we have taken my email address and put it into our system. There it is over there of what information comes back. So zoomed in, shows that I’m into TouchBase Pro, that’s my profile picture, automotive, NASA software, universities and schools, I went to different employment that I’ve had. And this is all gathered and put together from social networks, and using an email address to find find this information. Now, what’s important about this information is, as you see on the second line of the my interests, I’m interested in sports. So if you want to find people that are interested in sports and Motorsports, in particular, that’s on the first line of my content that you can send out a campaign that’s either related to motor sports has a background image of a car, or a motorbike. And this all increases the engagement because it’s one of the things that makes us like other people and other companies is when they seem similar to us. So we quite subtle about it and put an image of background image of a car without into golf background image of a fairway or something like that. People feel a lot more comfortable with the company that sending this app. I actually want to show you I’m going to show you doing it live. So Just hold on a second for me, maybe we’ll just like to chat actually speaking to somebody else. What I want to show you is the. So if somebody wants to take a stab at it and give me the email address, I can put it in here, we’ve got a 40% chance of getting some public domain knowledge that from that, sir, just as an example, I’m going to put my email address inside here. And I’m going to click on enrich the email. What we’re gonna see now is that screenshot that came through a little while earlier. So if anybody wants to try and give me put the email address in the private message, chat, there we go. It’s not an opt in. Guys, we got a further 40% chance of this working. And there’s there’s more details that came up there. But let’s put this in here. There we go. There you go London, bio from LinkedIn, education, employment history. occasions are the profile that we can go and look at LinkedIn, etc. and URLs that you link to the pictures All right, let’s try this other email address that I got. Secret brings up anything rather bigger copied it properly. Not padded? There we go. Again, you have worked in a lot of places, what are the some duplicates there? The different places that we can find you. Okay, so that’s the enrichment that now what we do is we do that on scale. So we find a lot of information about people and we can then segment so find all the golfers, find all the people that are into motorsport, find the people that are into certain TV shows or books or the list of interests and affinities is a huge amount. So once we enrich the emails like this, we’ve got a better understanding of who we’re dealing with and what to say to them. And that’s one of the key things of being understood and being being relevant to the people that you that you’re speaking to. So what we do after this is we also do the validation of the email. So that’s where we verify that the email address is a real email address, if it’s a disposable email address if it’s spelt incorrectly, so for some reason, a low quality score on this email address, but and that time data and getting more details on that, but show you what mine looks like. And learn deliverability risky, I think that’s because I don’t read a lot of the emails that I get, if I take the previous email address that we got. What There we go. So this is a great one. And it during things like will ask you if you read Did you mean? So did you mean and shows you that it’s not a deliverable email address. Now this is where we just get rid of all the different non working or spam traps, etc. Types of emails that are actually going to hurt our deliverability let me just switch over back to the presentation. And let’s see if this one will play for you guys. I had really funny videos for you. I’m sorry, they’re not working. So let’s talk a little bit about engagement. So we think A lot of ways to get to different people with the relevant messages. And what the reason why we segments and I, you know, probably preaching to the choir here is, if you don’t say, Man, it’s the problem is every second campaign. So if you send out the first campaign, and it goes to everybody, and on that database are the golfers and the motorsport enthusiasts, but the first campaign is about golf, you get the golfers really excited about it. But all the Motorsports enthusiasts are like, Well, that doesn’t really interest me. Go a month goes by and you send out another campaign, but you want to speak to the the most important piece here. So you make it all about motorsport. But when you send it out to golfers see this live, they are quite excited, and they see that that’s coming in emails arrive, but now it’s about motorsport. The motorsport guys, they’re like, Well, those guys are all golfing guys, I’m not really going to open up the email. So if you don’t say segment, every second campaign, you squash your engagement lower and lower and lower and lower to a base minimum. So segmenting is the key key reason that a key ingredient chair, and knowing how to segment which is enrichment is the ability to do that. rather say nothing, if you don’t have anything to say rather say nothing rather let a month go by without saying anything. Although all of us tend to have a lot to say it’s a it’s a rule of thumb rather say nothing if you don’t want, you don’t have anything to say. And then getting to the right person. That’s where the validation of the email addresses comes in. Because you’re not sending to the right people where they’re not really seeing that inbox or within an outdated inbox, you’re not going to get your results. And then highly custom content. So highly custom content being image merges, different sections of the campaign showing based on the data that you’ve got about the different people in the database. These are the stats. So 14% increase on segmentation. If you do segment, validating adoptees get the right person and enriching your data, you can do highly custom content. So why validate? No throw away the different disposable services, and melanated one of them spam traps, we’ll also look for spam traps if they are on the list, we take them out inbox in person. So let’s get into the right person quality and quality ads. And we look at spelling errors as all this helps make your database top reading top ship there then the last. The second last part of the funnel that we were talking about is doing the design. And Shamil was talking about it as well as I’m sure a lot of other people are going to be talking about it getting the design right and the imagery inside the design but to know what to put into the design and what imagery Are you going to have the you need to know more about your database. And if you’ve only got an email address enrichment is the way forward. And speaking to the previous session as well HubSpot mentioned us that a plain text email can get you up to 25% higher open rates. And it’s it’s so it’s not all about the design and making things look incredibly pretty. Sometimes just a plain text email can get you your engagement. Then a last step is to do iterative improvement. So it’s an improvement. That’s the great thing about email. I mean, we can measure so many things to change one thing and do a B testing. Amazing for us. These are the things which are of improvements, personalization that we do shortlist long subject lines uppercase first lowercase questions with statements, I same percentage of or $1 amount of the hours for South Africa for brands shortening the price. So instead of that’s rands five brands, with the decimal point, just put it as a firebrand, you can dollars the same way. personalization at the end was the start of the subject line. personalization, dynamic content, so dynamic content, things that you can get from Google blink percent increase in conversions. So yeah, this was an interesting one text and call to actions on the top of the image. Normally, we make a upside down triangle and the call to action at the bottom of the triangle and a big hero image at the top. Changing that around seems to work sometimes is copy used and call to actions responsive templates that are given creative texts and animated GIFs chauffeurs. template blog content comes in Thomas lab images lab maps, this copy, that’s my favourite, I am a big fan of doing less copy in an email and more in more images, and a whole bunch more. So just to recap on the journey that I’m taking over here, we started off with data. So, client gave us data, sometimes it’s just email addresses, we look at enrichment in order to do engagement, enrichment of getting as much information from social networks as possible, within the validation of the data to get rid of the email addresses that just not going to work for us. And it’s gonna harm our deliverability rates, work and creative and copying. That’s a lot of what we do at TouchBase Pro, and it’s specific to the clients and what thoughts are that we’ve what enrichment thoughts we’ve been able to gather from the database, and then it should serve improvements on the campaigns. And that helps us get as close as possible to the 38 to one ROI. And I’m ahead of time, so email is dead, don’t just send email, unlock revenue streams. And I didn’t need the full 20 minutes. So we Touchbase profits in. Email is often left as the marketing ad cost. large corporates Leave it to us to maximise email, we do gap management and the full service email agency. And those might be tell them a bit. So if you want to ask any questions, we’re okay. Would you demonstrate the validation of addresses you received in the session? Please? Yeah. Do you still need me to do that? I don’t actually do that a little while ago. All right. So open to any questions, if anybody does have any. And we can go through that. If, and I’ll just was hoping to see evidence of it on the SMTP. Okay, so hoping to see evidence of its own SMTP we don’t give that type of information, but just certain markers that show you the quality of the email. Yes, sir. The validation of the email addresses based on feedback loops, the domain if the domain exists, if there is an SMTP server listening at that domain, if got a list of spam traps that we know if it’s on that list, if it’s these are the different tests that are done against the email address to validate it, we can’t we can’t you know, ping an SMTP server and say, you know, please deliver this email I mean, those although SMTP has those those types of words are whenever that you can do those checks. They’re all turned off. Yeah, absolutely. Sure, so the tool that does this is is our website, we can get to it. We just once you register, they pop me an email that Greg touch fits and I’ll learn some tips credits for you. And that goes for everybody else if you in the session, and you can see how it works. So I’m gonna I think wait for a few minutes just to see if there’s any more questions that that come out. I can imagine that you can synchronise this thoughts with an ESP. So we synchronise with a soul. Well, we loaded up on our side. We don’t do the synchronisation of the serger we we can provide you with JSON files that come back with the whole structure of the dots and you can work it what we do do in a In our system is we allow you to save and create the segments and be able to send the campaigns on our system that if you’re looking for all the golfers, you can have a segment created for you that is all the golfers on your database. So we don’t synchronise with our DSPs. But we do have it available in our system. Absolute pleasure. Absolute absolute pleasure. So I believe I believe I’m coming to the end of my session, if there’s any more questions, happy to to answer them. And I’ll, I’ll jabber along for the next minute or two to give anybody an opportunity to ask something. If not, please reach out to me on either on my email address, or you can give me a call or LinkedIn. I mean, we have a million different ways to get hold of each other these days. And I’d be happy to chat further about the enrichment in the validation that we’re looking at. Okay, okay. Well, thank you to the people that are in the room who have trusted in morgue latke, token verify email address as well. Love to love God, I’d love to attend that conference. It’s it’s been on my list to do something like that for for a long time for a long time. So I’ll reach out to you. And yes, we’d love to chat. Yeah, if we can if we can get to London in June. Yeah. Thank you, everybody. Thank you very much for participating in the engagement on the questions. It’s been. It’s been this has been a lovely experience to be able to do this and new for me in terms of a presentation online like this. And I’d also like to thank Andrew and Lily I think this is great that they’ve put this together. Cool. Bye, everyone.

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