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eCommerce Panel at Deliverability Summit 2020

Riaz Kanani, Dela Quist, Adeola Sole, Tejas Pitkar, Andrew Bonar

Presented by: ​Riaz Kanani, Dela Quist, Adeola Sole, Tejas Pitkar, Andrew Bonar

Dela Quist of Alchemy Worx, Adeola Sole of Holistic Email Marketing, Tejas Pitkar of Netcore Solutions, Andrew Bonar of emailexpert on a panel discussing ecommerce deliverability in 2020 and beyond moderated by Riaz Kanani of Radiate B2B.

Riaz Kanani
CEO & Founder, Radiate B2B

Riaz has spent his career innovating and disrupting marketing and advertising for the best part of 20 years. He exited his video advertising platform to Silverpop (now IBM), where he scaled their B2B and B2C marketing automation products internationally. Today Riaz is back disrupting B2B marketing, launching Radiate B2B and providing a new way to proactively reach specific companies with advertising across the Internet and one of the critical building blocks of an account based marketing programme.

Riaz regularly speaks on advertising, marketing and scaling businesses. He has delivered these at some of the largest marketing events globally as well as on the BBC and ITV. He was previously a member of the DMA Email Marketing Council and Judge of its prestigious awards.

Dela Quist
Founder and CIO, Alchemy Worx 

Dela Quist, is CEO of Alchemy Worx the largest email marketing agency. He is a highly experienced expert email marketer with a strong background in digital media and advertising.
Services include: email marketing strategy, email marketing best practice, email campaign planning, email design, email copywriting, HTML email production, email campaign deployment, email delivery and reputation, spam filter avoidance, reporting, and analysis. Title Author Speaker and Recognized Authority on Digital & Email Marketing

Adeola Sole

Senior Consultant, Holistic Email Marketing

Adeola has numerous experience in the retail, media and travel industries. From high-end fashion to fast speed trains and much in-between, she’s consulted on successful data-led eCRM strategies and implemented growth opportunities with the customer journey as a key focus.

Tejas Pitkar

Product Marketing, Netcore

Tejas Pitkar is a product marketer and also handles Industry Relations at Netcore Solutions – Asia’s largest ESP. He likes writing blogs, sharing the email knowledge and making thought provoking videos on all things email on the youtube channel – “Email Talk”. In his personal time, he enjoys hiking, backpacking , reading books and drinking his favourite Chai.

Full transcript coming soon. In the interim please use the closed captions.

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