Security Concerns around Planned Marketplace for Email Creatives

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It appears there is new marketplace open to email designers and template developers looking to monetise their creative efforts is being planned by the team at CloudHQ, which provides a range of Gmail productivity tools.

cloudHQ presents itself as an email management company and is based out of San Francisco, California and has announced a feature upgrade of its popular Gmail Email Templates by cloudHQ app now allowing designers to share their creative.

In their press release they state they have plans on creating a marketplace for email templates in the near future to further help bridge the gap between supply and demand. Writing “cloudHQ plans on creating a marketplace for email templates in the near future to further help bridge the gap between supply and demand.” As it stand the app currently allows designers to share their email templates with their own team in a couple of clicks.

“We recognize the need for great email marketing among small businesses, and we know that many creatives are looking for new ways to make money,” Naomi Assaraf, cloudHQ’s Chief Marketing Officer states. “By enabling easier access to email templates, we’re hoping it helps creatives find consulting jobs with small businesses who need their marketing and language skills.”

cloudhq permissions
cloudHQ Account Creation Permissions

Before expecting any critical mass they probably need to address some of the serious privacy and security concerns one might have around using their application in the first instance. Anyone wanting to simply test it out is probably best advised to create a dedicated new Gmail account for the purpose. Permissions include deleting all your email.

Whilst we understand teh full suite of solutions from this organisation may require such permissions, the same permissions for all their apps is indeed excessive and opens a needless security flaw and attack vector.

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