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Good Giddy Duck!..I hate pop-ups today.

"If" you are going to use them on your website:

- Don't load them immediately
- Don't load multiple pop-ups at once
- Do make them dismissable
- Do make them optimised for mobile

✨ My Tip of the Day:

"When in doubt, choose pizza. When it comes to email: One real, valid email contact is worth more than 1,000 emails that bounce."

@LiviuMT talks to @natfluence about #emailmarketing and building a business far away from home. 👇

So, how does #ZeroBounce help you boost 📩 #deliverability?

@CompareCamp talks about it in this in-depth review.

Give it a read, then start an account to validate 100 email addresses ✨ for free ✨ – every month!

7 Email Marketing Hacks to Slay Your Engagement Rates via @zerobounce1 #internetmarketing #onlinebusiness