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Vero Newsletters is now live on @GoogleWorkspace Marketplace! 👏 Simply connect directly to your @googlesheets and use the data in your spreadsheet to define your audience, personalize the content and send your messages faster than ever before 🚀

Build beautiful emails, without writing a line of code.

We've just added a stack of new pre‑designed HTML and MJML templates to our drag-and-drop editor. Think product updates, announcements, onboarding, welcome emails, company news and much more.

Vero Newsletters product was built specifically for the #moderndatastack. We're super excited about the next generation of warehouse-first, modern marketing tools. We're even more excited to be included in the @moderndatastack community.

Our latest product updates are live. We've made some huge improvements to our Workflows product, released a new UI for Newsletters, ramped up our Help Docs and will soon be launching a @SnowflakeDB integration for Newsletters. 🚀 #moderndatastack

Thanks @iamacyborg for the @getvero shout out in your latest blog post on "Marketing and the Modern Data Stack": Couldn't put it better than you did: "Marketers will soon be freed from the concerns of data [...] allowing them to focus on the actual job"!