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Starting today, you can upload and verify your spreadsheets through our dashboard, no more need to submit plain text files! 🎉 We accept Excel (.xls and .xlsx), comma-separated values (CSV) and tab-separated values (TSV). Register today and give it a try:

We have a new blog post on our blog, this time we talk about #disposableemails - EmailOnDeck: is it really impossible to detect?

Read the article 👉

#EmailMarketing #temporayemail #OnlineMarketing

🆕 BLOG POST: 8 Tips for Email Marketing After a Crisis

Read #Verifalia article 👉…

#EmailMarketing #emaillist #OnlineMarketing

Our email verification widget just reached version 1.5, now with automatic support for right to left (rtl) directionality, allowing to play nicely with languages written from right to left (like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian and others). Isn't that lovely?? 🤩

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