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Do you have any suppression strategies in place for phone numbers? If you don't, you are leaving your brand open to fines and penalties for not being compliant.

Add a new layer of compliance with phone number suppression:

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Store your data in a secure location that can be accessed by your entire marketing team at any time.

Learn how a centralized and scalable platform benefits you in the long run:

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SMS violations can result in fines of up to $1,500 per text message. Avoid sending messages to customers who did not opt-in, unsubscribed, or expressed disinterest in unsolicited calls.

Protect your brand:

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Suppression lists store all contacts who unsubscribed, bounced, or marked your emails as spam. Protect your brand reputation by using them to your advantage.

Boost your SMS and email campaigns with suppression lists:

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Email marketing is a highly effective tool for increasing brand awareness and reaching your target audience. However, if you are not compliant, you are subject to large fines and lawsuits.

Learn more:

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Because content for prospective customers tends to be more aggressive than that of current customers, you need suppression lists that are able to target both groups separately.

Learn more:

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