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🔻 Как построить для IT компании маркетинговую воронку. Этапы, отличия B2B и B2C, как повлиять на эффективность воронки. Рассказывает Product Manager @UniSender

• Этапы маркетинговой воронки
• AIDA-модель
• Воронки в В2В и В2С
• Воронка AARRR

Delighted to write for @UniSender about the @Apple iOS changes coming up for all #emailMarketers! Time to ensure you have the right data, to compare and make better choices later with confidence!

Thanks @CharmaParker & @WomenOfEmail 💌💌💌

One of the most impressive features of email marketing tool UniSender is how quickly you can build effective campaigns. @UniSender is also ideal for sending bulk emails, which is also quick and easy, thanks to Integromat’s wide variety of #integrations

It's January and @Integromat are off to a brisk start with new apps.

Check out January's new editions 👇

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