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WebTitan OTG for #Chromebooks features:
• Cost effective,
• Easy to remote install & manage,
• Full reporting across Chromebook users & locations,
• User level policies & accurate #DNS filtering
& lots more

Great for the #educationsector

An MSP offers an SMB some attractive options to secure a smaller organization and make it resilient to cyber-attacks while ensuring they have access to advanced technologies. Here are some of the main reasons why an SMB should choose to work with an MSP.

We support over 3,000 MSP’s globally already. As an #MSP you too can join the TitanShield Partner Program.

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“We are a leisure company whose customers are of all ages.

We use the WebTitan filtering solution to remove adult content from our free WiFi service."

5 reasons DNS protection takes the headache out of filtering multiple locations.

Over the past 20 years we have undergone phenomenal growth. Now a global provider of network security solutions including #emailsecurity, #DNS #webfiltering & #emailarchiving.

We support 1,000’s of MSP’s already - isn’t it time you joined TitanShield!

As cybersecurity events continue to challenge every organization across the globe, a more intelligent and empirical approach must be used.

Download this Free guide if you want to learn what CTI is and the 6 steps to actionable insights using CTI.