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It never hurts to look around for inspiration and this blog from @Shutterstock is filled with great design examples to spark your creativity! ✨

Locking crucial design elements is key to creating a consistent look and feel, but there’s so much more that goes into protecting your brand.

See what questions you should ask to find email tools that help protect your brand. 👇

An Email Design System can empower your team to make the best email they can. But it can be hard to know how to get started...

We’ve taken all you need to know about creating your very own EDS and put it into 5 steps 🖐️

Want to better engage and inspire your audience? Here's everything you need to know to fill your emails with powerful, creative, and impactful imagery! ✨

Looking to build accessibility into emails but having trouble building it into your process? Check out this on-demand Send It School session with @IAmElliot and @theavigoldman.