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The latest update of Sophos Firewall, OS v19 MR1, is HERE. 🔥

It brings a number of additional enhancements and fixes to what is already one of our best #firewall updates ever.

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Cookie stealing: the new perimeter bypass

As organizations move to cloud services and multifactor authentication, cookies tied to identity and authentication give attackers a new path to compromise...


Organizations may be monitoring for this already through other management software, but if not, it's a good exercise for proactive or reactive threat hunting with XDR.

Discover curated #XDR queries from our Sophos experts. 🔽

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Patching early is the best way to avoid being compromised in the future – but it doesn’t mean you haven’t already been attacked. It’s always worth checking that your organization wasn’t breached prior to patching.

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Zero trust network access (ZTNA) can be summed up in four words: trust nothing, verify everything.

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