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All organizations are at risk for cyberattacks — especially ones with less than 1,000 employees and limited #cybersecurity. Teams with #CyberThreat hunters dedicated to immediate response and prevention are better protected.

We have just published information on the unfolding 3CX DLL Sideloading Attacks:

Cybercriminals are using old #malware tactics and attacking existing infrastructure to inflict more damage. Organizations with Cloud Native Security can enhance and #automate their responses to traditional or cutting-edge threats.

Firewalls need to be secured to serve as effective cybersecurity tools. 🔥 Here are a few of our best practices to strengthen your firewall and keep your network safe:

The financial sector saw a 300% increase in #BEC attacks from 2021-2022, @ajmartinnys reports in @Bloomberg. But despite the uptick, ransomware remains the top #CyberThreat. In response, financial organizations can increase defenses with MDR services.