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Add additional team users to your SMTP2GO account. Choose between the following three permissions, Owner, Admin, or Reports. 👇

Improve #emailsecurity

#️⃣ Use secure passwords

🔑 Use TLS or SSL

🦠 Use #antivirus software

📎 Beware of attachments

🔐 Consider encryption

👀 Don't display your email address in public

❌ Don't include sensitive information in your #email

📡 Be careful with public WiFi

Check out our blog the "The Deliverable Diary" for SMTP2GO updates and email deliverability tips we've gained over the years from helping over 35,000 companies deliver better email. 👇

An in-depth look at DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), and how it can help maintain brand reputation and improve email deliverability. 🔎👇