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The truth is: You’re not getting 100% of your emails to recipients.

Here are 9 other realities senders should come to terms with:

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2 days ago


Want to build a world-class contact database? Follow these 3 tips:
1. Follow email collection and sending best practices
2. Keep your contacts engaged
3. Know when it’s time to say goodbye

Check out this 2019 #SIGNALConf video for more:

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7 days ago


As part of the administration Postfix, users will view, flush, and purge mail queues. Here's how: ...

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1 week ago


[VIDEO]: How to Send Email with Java and @Twilio SendGrid: ...

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  • Hemantha Laksiri
    07/05/2020 at 3:59 am

    I have been working with Sendgrid for more than 2 years and it really has been very helpful. It’s perfect when you need to send transactional mails, for example password recovery or notifications to users from your website. or custom marketing campaigns. You can implement on your App easily with his Full Documented API or via SMTP. The free forever plan is perfect when you’re starting a website or application and still do not have enough users. You can also easily upgrade your plan in order to get more emails monthly . .Have a Forever Free plan . (40.000 Emails in the trial period, then 100 Emails Daily forever)Recommended with closed eyes

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