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What’s Smart Content? Thank you for this genuine explanation of what your preferred feature allows @courir to do, @thillel!

Curious to know more? Have a look at our Product Sheet! 👇

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51% of companies rely on #MarketingAutomation today but 47% of marketers are unsure if their marketing automation platform delivers ROI. What are the issues? And how to solve them?

News is spreading about Smart Subject, which predicts the optimal subject lines most likely to drive an open for each recipient. It’s a super-efficient way to do better marketing, faster. #EmailMarketing

Our Product Solution Guide offers a quick overview of our platform’s key features & capabilities, including a look at our advanced, real-time, marketing-specific #Artificial_Intelligence. Grab your complimentary copy now. #MarketingAutomation

Want to better understand Gen Z and their expectations? Our new report offers fresh data, strategic insights, and action plans to help you learn how to better engage with #Gen Z–and drive them to action. #marketingtips

Dutch home improvement retailer @Praxis wanted to send customers more relevant communications based on individual interests. Mission accomplished, thanks to Selligent and partner agency @MerkleNederland!