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Cold emailing is one of the most effective methods for lead generation. As a marketer, you cannot wait for customers to approach you. In order to sell your solution, you need to approach them via cold emails.

When cold emails are sent appropriately, they can be highly effective.

An email sequence is a series of emails sent to specific people on your contact list. These emails might aim to increase brand awareness, persuade prospects to sign up or accomplish other objectives.

These emails are sent to a large number of recipients.

A good number of follow-ups = More deals closed 🔥

Most marketers/salespeople are uncertain when it comes to sending follow-up emails. But they have a great ability to close more deals as only 2% of sales are made from the initial email.


Stop writing cold emails about you and your product🤚

When you talk too much about your product and features without describing how it is useful to the recipient, you will not get any response!