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Another great corona success story. Spain's 2nd largest digital newspaper @eldiarioes managed to build reader trust with a newsletter that encourages asking questions, and attracted 20.000 new members.

Some interesting data here about COVID newsletters launched by @FUNKEMEDIEN:

- 65,000 newsletter subscribers within 6 weeks
- 60% of subscribers registering for the first time
- Impressive opening rates at 40% to 70%

Our Twitter list of newsletter writers/editors/curators just passed 400!

We’d love to reach 500 soon, so who should we add?

Reply with anyone you’d recommend (shameless plugs welcome)👇

The @ONA is adding the “Excellence in Newsletters” to its Online Journalism Awards in 2020.

Others, like the @TheWebbyAwards and @DigidayAwards have been recognising great newsletters for years.

Here’s a thread celebrating all winners 👇

Massive guide about membership, how it's different from subscriptions and donations, and what makes it successful.

One key point: The organization’s site, newsletters, podcasts, and/or apps feature a user experience design that is calm and considerate.

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