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Want to feel safe that all your documents and work is backed up? Or maybe you want to access that word document when your using your phone, over at the neighbors, at the coffee shop, home, work -- -or wherever work is for you.

Access your latest work document when your mobile - access your work files as if they were stored locally on your phone.

Meaningful Remote Collaboration with Microsoft Whiteboard - Need an app to help your team brainstorm in remote work environments? Look no further than the Microsoft Whiteboard application you already have in Microsoft Teams.

Tools for a Modern Workplace - The modern workplace relies on simple, easy-to-use tools that bring people together.

The Secret to Keeping Things Private in Microsoft Teams - Shhh.. There are just some things I need to keep private when using Microsoft Teams. #microsoftteams

"I missed the meeting!" Is that something you've heard before?
Have you ever felt like getting everyone to attend your meeting is like herding cats.

I get it, everyone is busy. We forget, something inevitably comes up.