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Because this is how we do it 🎶🔥👏🎉🎊

A wonderful day to post this.🌈

I had the pleasure of hosting an inspirational woman 🙏
on my favorite #fortheloveofemails podcast,💌
(special unicorn series).🦄

Priya Patankar, head of communications,
shares the untold story of PhonePe's rapid growth…

An inbox filled with wordy emails easily bores customers. However, we can assure you that implementing emojis increases the chances of your emails being opened! Learn how to make the most with emojis today!

Due to the pandemic, operating your businesses might seem challenging. However, with appropriate services, it is smooth sailing! Read our reviews to understand how we transform businesses!


Do you have questions about blocklists? Well, today, learn to email with confidence! We have @HokiePostmaster from @spamhaus sharing essential information about #emailblocklists along with @EmailKarma. Tune in to know more!


As phishing attacks continue to increase, email marketers must take action –such as implementing BIMI. It is a trending email technique known to enhance the security of emails. Head over to our blog to familiarise yourself about BIMI.

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