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There are more than a dozen #email metrics to track the overall success of your email marketing campaigns.
Want to know which one is the most appropriate to avoid getting into the false sense of the progress of your #emailmarketing campaign?
Learn here!

#Email continues to dominate personalized #marketing to a large extent. But the metrics that mattered have changed. Here are the profound #emailmarketers from top brands @PhonePe_ @mindvalley @GayaMatahari guiding #emailgeeks for the perfect campaign ahead

Are you building an effective connection with your customer and creating brand loyalty & conversions? If not! Then let’s hear from Chaitanya who unearths the 4 ways to translate cognitive marketing into email marketing #fortheloveofemails #emailgeeks!

#Email authentication protocols function as both judge and executioner on the uncharted highways of #SMTP relays. Why do we need them? And how to set them up? Learn more about them in this essential guide by @OngageConnect


Email Authentication Protocols: What Are They and Why Are They Important?

Email authentication protocols are a must for every email marketer to employ. Learn what they are, why they are so important, and how to implement the...

SaaS companies are obsessed with making the application relevant to their consumers. But having a great software alone is not enough. You have put in efforts to bring customer support into the core processes! We are happy and proud that we make it happen.

Tailoring an email campaign to a specific reader’s interests is super easy and efficient with #artificialintelligence. If you have not experienced the power of AI in #emailmarketing, then explore how to revolutionize your strategy for smarter campaigns!

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