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Check out the story of how @BWearSportswear rocks at embracing all the opportunities that email & #SMSmarketing have to offer.

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It's an honor to be recognized as a Bronze @TheStevieAwards winner in the 19th Annual International Business Awards® for Customer Service Team of the Year.

Read more about the 2022 competition & winning organizations: #TheStevieAwards #StevieWinner2022

Put your customer at the center of everything and find ways to bring them value with your product or service.

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ICYMI, we have a bunch of short videos from our #Ecommerce Expert @WhatsGregDoing where he shares tips on growing your subscribers' list, #MarketingAutomation, using SMS & much more.

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What can help you increase #ecommerce sales, create a great online experience for your customers & provide you with important marketing data?

That's right—it's #MarketingAutomation!

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