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Are you inclusive 🌎, both in business and society? Do you understand your customer in real-time? This week, we’ve explored the 3️⃣ components of an Experience Maker. RT 🐦 if you have what it takes and see how you can be this new type of leader:

Are you adaptable 🔄? Can you pivot and shift in an instant? An Experience Maker’s flexibility is key to success.

RT 🐦 if this is you or tag someone you know like this below! Come back tomorrow for the third component of this new breed of leader.

Are you empathetic 💕? Do you understand that feelings influence decisions, and use that in your business decision making? RT 🐦 if so! This week on our handle, we’ll explore the 3️⃣ components that define an Experience Maker. Check back tomorrow for #2.

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