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Want to know what's "in-store" for #retail in the future? 🔮

Our "Retail of the Future" eGuide uncovers the direction #retail is going towards with expertise from our partners: @tsystemscom, @Space48ers, @alpenite.

Get your copy here:

Our Masterclass at #OMR22 is starting now!

We are waiting for you in Hall B4 - Room 25, and on our YouTube Channel:


We all like to be made to feel special from time to time, and the same goes for modern #retail customers 📢

Take a look at @alpenite's personalization insights in our Retail of the Future eGuide:

The countdown is on for Spryker EXCITE Berlin 2022 - Commerce Conference next week, the 24th of May. We are looking forward to seeing our partner @tsystemscom there. Who else will be joining?

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#SprykerEXCITE #EXCITEBerlin

We’ve entered a new age of #shopping: in-store shopping may never be the same as it was pre-covid 🏪

How can retailers adapt their online strategies for in-store?

Read what @Space48ers had to say to Contactless Shopping & #Omnichannel Support:

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