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This article from Deloitte gives you the latest updates regarding data protection and #analytics. We are happy to share that Deloitte sees Mapp Intelligence as one of the alternatives to Google Analytics.

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Today’s average #retail customer demands multiple, personalized #touchpoints. But what helps you cut through the noise? 📢

Learn from @alpenite how certain brands made personalization their success in our Retail of the Future eGuide:

A retailer’s biggest challenge is joining up their physical stores with their virtual ones to create a seamless #omnichannel shopping experience 🤯

Here are 4 trends and tactics @Space48ers discusses in Contactless Shopping & Omnichannel Support:

The pandemic didn't leave the retail industry with much time to implement seamless and scalable end-to-end processes ⌛

Learn what to look out for, and @tsystemscom recommended tactics to help you navigate in The New Normal: Hybrid Commerce:

Want to know what's "in-store" for #retail in the future? 🔮

Our "Retail of the Future" eGuide uncovers the direction #retail is going towards with expertise from our partners: @tsystemscom, @Space48ers, @alpenite.

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