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In this last episode of the focus on Retail post-Covid Gianluca Diegoli tells us why an omnichannel strategy is the key to survive in the new normal.

Catching customers'attention is only possible through a direct and intimate relationship with the user. In this scenario, messaging becomes a key tool to succeed in the competition. Let's see how in this third episode signed by Gianluca Diegoli.

What is customer advocacy and why is important for any business? Take a look at its many advantages and find out how you can transform your users in brand advocates.

Acquiring a new customer can cost up to 5x's more than retaining an existing one. Keeping your audience happy is a challenge that emails can help you overcome. Let's find out how.

The pandemic has ended years of conservatorism in the retail sector. There’s no reboot without a full understanding of the new audience. Let’s see how to navigate new habits in this second episode of the focus signed by Gianluca Diegoli.

Email Marketing and Search Engine Marketing are two different ways of marketing. Here are 5 tips to integrate them.