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📭 "As many as 15% of emails never make it to the inbox. You might even already be doing many of the right things, like ensuring users are opted in, authenticating your email, and maintaining a properly warmed IP."

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🕰 Countless hours and dollars go into developing your email marketing campaigns, so why risk having them get delivered to Spam?

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👥 No matter if your business is big or small, the MailMonitor suite of tools and services gives you insight into your email reputation and allows you the peace of mind you need.

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🍯 What is a honeypot? It’s a mechanism created to identify, redirect, or counteract unauthorized use of information systems, be it email addresses or otherwise.

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📧 "For people not directly involved in email marketing, the word “deliverability” is abstract. Deliverability isn’t a tangible asset, so marketers may not understand why they should care about it.

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💡 From inbox placement and blacklist monitoring to email campaign performance analytics, MailMonitor’s email monitoring software has every essential tool you need to optimize your email marketing campaigns.

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