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We've developed MailerQ Webhook to easily send delivery result objects to any HTTP endpoint, such as compatible email analytics platforms or custom applications. Here's what you need to know.

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There are certain config settings that an MTA-admin will not want to think about. The optimal size of in-memory queues is a prime example. In this technical deep-dive, we discuss what this setting does and how it is optimized dynamically.

If you run your MTA in a public cloud or somewhat restricted environment, or you want to use (warmed) IPs of a different mail server, you may need to use remote IP addresses for your MTA. Read here how can do this with MailerQ, using External MTA IPs:

In order to get your emails out as fast as possible, MailerQ doesn't just rely on some top-level queues per domain, but it assigns messages to queues on deeper levels. In this post, one of our engineers sheds some light on how that works under the hood.

MailerQ 5.12 introduces multi-user support for SMTP and the web interface, integrable with your existing user systems. Check out the article below for more details!

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