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2 days ago


Don't you love reading a good fairytale? They enrich imagination, cultivate a deeper understanding of life’s great truths, and they have a clear story arc. Our love for fairytales is exactly why we're excited to share the release of our newest customer case study: Bloomon's Quest to Grow a Perennial Customer Base:

🌼 The Bloomon marketing team

🐉 Much like many other subscription-based organizations, bloomon faced the challenge of retaining customers and avoiding churn.

🏹 For many, flowers are often associated with an event, making purchases a one-off occasion rather than a sustained practice.
Hero's Journey? The bloomon team's search for a personalization tool that could effectively run automated campaigns in their legacy system AND connect with customers.

Magic Item?
🗝 Iterable

Fairytale Ending?
👑 Now, bloomon is setting itself up to fulfill its promise of bringing humanity and joy back into the flower business for each and every customer that needs a little brightness added to their days.

While the bloomon case study sounds like a fairytale, their success isn't rooted in fantasy. It's reality! Learn more about bloomon's road to retention and regrowth to see why:

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3 days ago


Did you know that 67% of consumers think it’s important for brands to automatically adjust content based on current context?

#Connect with your customers by contextualizing your content.

Learn how with Tiff's Treats and Movable Ink, tomorrow, August 5 at 9:00 a.m. PT.

There's still time to register:

#personalization #individualization #CX

Tiff's Treats Movable Ink

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