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⚠️ With #ransomware attacks growing exponentially year by year, no industry is 100% safe from this threat. Learn how various industries ranging from retail, to healthcare, to energy, all are potential ransomware victims in our free white paper:

🚀 With our newly launched expansion of our #SecurityAwarenessTraining functionality, you aren't going to want to miss our upcoming webinar!
Join us Aug 18th for an overview of what's now available to Complete Protect customers:
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📈 New security threats are morphing and evolving by the second... is your organization prepared with a strategy?
Download the Build an Information Security Strategy Guide for FREE:

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🧠 Could today's most innovative security approach include human insights that inform scalable machine defenses? We certainly think so!
Download our free white paper on When Humans & Machines Collaborate:

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💲Last year alone, global #ransomware damages reached a staggering $20 billion.
Our white paper explores the operations of a few notorious ransomware gangs and how to avoid becoming their next target:
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“As phishing attacks and their sophistication continue to rise, it is imperative that IRONSCALES provides tools and training to equip employees to help in the fight against phishing.”
- Eyal Benishti, #IRONSCALES CEO and Founder
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