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I've read many claims by credible doctors & scientists who did claim that the mRNA (at least sometimes) persists a long time. They presented credible evidence, but then got banned/silenced. Big mistake! BigTech shouldn't be so quick to ban discussion amongst doctors & scientists!

Now, all of a sudden, the "low-rent" conservative political spams - that cycle through their "throwaway domains of the week" - are suddenly starting to use domains in the mail header FROM - that in some cases don't have name servers - and in other cases ARE NOT EVEN REGISTERED!

How sweet that Twitter does this to celebrate my 13th year - BUT MEANWHILE SHADOWBANS THE HELL OUT OF ME. Only ~20 of my ~1,200 connections sees any of my tweets these days. (iow, it's an abusive relationship)

Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary

Coincidentally, this is almost the exact same number as the total number of elementary schools in the U.S. (public + private combined)