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Do you feel the #content of your email is not really in line with your target group? In this blog, we discuss the benefits of #mailing on the basis of #interests and the types of interests that go best with your communication.

Wie is morgen aanwezig op #WorkSmarter? Wij alvast wel! Niet enkel kan je terecht op onze stand voor al je vragen, Katelen geeft je ook nog 3 tips mee om e-mailcampagnes beter te laten renderen via je #CRM. De place to be? De Partner Stage om 14u45. En aan onze stand natuurlijk.

Today, we launch what might be our favourite update of the year: #integration with @Zapier. Zapier allows you to automatically connect your favourite applications with Flexmail. In this way, you will always work with correct data, and your segmentation will be even more powerful.

Hoewel de ecologische voetafdruk van een e-mail niet enorm is, liggen er voor bedrijven nog heel wat kansen om duurzamer om te gaan met #emailmarketing. Hoe? Katelen Perez 't Seyen van @flexmail_be verklapt het ons tijdens haar sessie. Meer info? 👉

If you did not attend our #email #design #webinar several weeks ago, do not worry. We have put all major tips and tricks together in this replay article. Or just watch the webinar #recording here to gain even more insights and examples.

#Email #marketing expensive? Not with Flexmail. Now 50% off your first year. So discover which subscription is best for you and use Flexmail at only half the price. Don’t miss out on this temporary #promo!