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AMP is email evolved. AMP is interactive. AMP is engaging. AMP is efficient and productive.

But what is AMP for email actually? Let our very own Dex break it down for you in this 5-minute video:

#ampforemail #emailmarketing

See the true cost of your email creation process by using our ROI calculator. See how much time you're spending, and how much time you'd save by using Dyspatch.

Try it out, and then reply in the thread with how many hours you'd save with Dyspatch!

With our new #Zapier integration, data you collect from your AMP emails can be sent to any of the 5,000+ apps that Zapier integrates with. With AMP + Zapier, the possibilities are LITERALLY endless.

Book a demo to learn more! ➡️ ➡️

Tomorrow's webinar will be focused on two aspects of email marketing:

1. How to build Interactive Emails.
2. How to optimize deliverability!

If you're an #emailgeek, don't miss it! Can't make the live event? We'll send you a recording once it's done!

It's our 101st edition of #allthingsemail
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If your job involved email marketing, you need this webinar:

On July 21st, at 10am PST, Matt Harris & Vlad Podolyako—CEOs & Founders of Dyspatch and Folderly, respectively—will be showing us some secrets to #emailmarketing.

It's free: