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Let's talk about se... gmentation.

Why? It's time to translate data and send behavior-based #emails full of ⚡tailored content⚡!

Head to the blog now for some ✨ah-mazing customer segment examples✨, plus learn how to create your #SegmentationStrategy.

Are #emails case sensitive? Find out in our latest post where we nerd 🤓 out on:

- #Email syntax
- Email standards
- Special character use
- And more!

Head to the blog now. 👇

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The more #emails that get opened, the more potential for revenue 💰. A simple enough equation, but... how DO you increase 📈 that #email open rate?

Head to the blog now and learn 5 ways to boost your open rate!👇

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Get. 👏 Those. 👏 Testimonials 👏.

When combined with good copywriting and targeted #marketing, testimonials can help boost online sales and turn customers into brand ambassadors. 💯

For some examples that really ✨shine✨, head to the blog.


One of the best ways to get better at something is to study the greats, absorb as much as possible, then 🏃‍♀️ with it all in your own direction.

To learn #EmailMarketing from some of the best, including @Beardbrand, @RiflePaperCo, and more, hit up the blog!