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DMARC Policies:
What exactly do those mean, what are the differences between them and what happens when you publish a particular policy?

SPF Flattening may feel like a convenient shortcut, but by using this technique you are opening up your network to further avenues of attack.
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Legislators in Poland are discussing the proposed Act on Combating Abuses in Electronic Communication that establishes new requirements, including #SPF, #DKIM and #DMARC, for telecoms and email providers. We'll keep an eye on it and provide updates.

Are you a small business owner?
Are you protecting your domain from scammers?
#DMARC helps organizations of all sizes prevent business email compromise, phishing and spoofing, which can do lasting harm to business.

The European Commission is now measuring and defining what “Email communication security standards” means, and #DMARC is one of "18 key Internet standards that help to secure the Internet and support its constant technological evolution."

"Given the dominant role of email in cyber attacks, working around SPF’s symptomatic error message without addressing the underlying issues goes against the mission of Information Security and Risk Management professionals."