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Having a website with an audience gives you a serious edge if you’re growing your email list.

But how do you convert site visitors into email subscribers and measure your progress? Here's how:

Hey musicians! Have you ever thought about selling your music or products using ConvertKit Commerce? Today we’re sharing a quick video tip from our own @corydhmiller to show how he uses ConvertKit Commerce to sell his music. Check it out:

Congrats to @brennandunn, and welcome to world @HelloPalladio! Sign up and play around with some new email templates that work in your ConvertKit account.

No matter how big or small a transaction is, all creators need contracts. It acts as a failsafe against delayed payments, scope creep, and an overall tank in business revenue because of misaligned cash flow. So let’s talk about contracts:

“It’s about getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, but also knowing who you are and how you want your business to show up in the world.” - Carrie Olsen, voice actor & coach

Find out how Carrie’s story might just inspire your own creative journey:

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