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Within the Kimberly, in #WesternAustralia, you will find this fantastic landscape of striped sandstone domes known as Bungle Bungle. Until 1983, only a few people outside the traditional owners and local pastoralists knew of its existence as you’ll need to arrive by 4WD or fly

On today's #throwbackthursday, we're looking at the first ever Apple computer released in 1976 🍎 It was called the Apple-1 and retailed for $666.66. Just 185 of the computers were sold, which makes the model a sought-after collector's item 💰

Want to see for yourself how easy our Restful API is? Well, go ahead, and of course, we’re here to help with anything quickly 🤙

You either loved or hated him, but if you used Microsoft Office between 1997 and 2007, you would have come across Clippy 📎 Although Clippy retired in 2007, he is back 🎉 You can find him posing as a sticker pack within Microsoft teams. Long live Clippy! #throwbackthursday