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Co-Founder and CEO of CartStack and RezRecover, Brett Thoreson, shares how he built a brand that tackles booking abandonment, increases revenue for hotels, and delivers a 40:1 ROI.

Did you know that eCommerce has become the number one channel for B2B sales?

According to McKinsey & Company research, eCommerce has now surpassed in-person sales as the single most effective channel for B2B.

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Data from our hotel clients using RezRecover to battle booking abandonment:

• 55% average open rate for recovery emails
• 30% increase in average order values for recovered bookings
• $40: 1 average ROI for Hotels

🛒Cart Abandonment Fact of the Week:

For many shoppers, cart abandonment is a form of retail therapy. "Online window shopping" was common during the 2020 pandemic due to high unemployment rates and quickly became a new form of retail therapy.🛍️

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Did you know that 57% of online customers will leave a website if the page does not load within 3 seconds?

That's why it's crucial to check & optimize your eCommerce site periodically.

Unsure how? Follow this guide:

💡Email Marketing Tip:

Always email new leads within 24 hours!

During this timeframe your brand will still be fresh in customer's minds.

Keep the conversation going to make a lasting impression.