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2FA is an added step in the sign-in process designed to strengthen an online account’s security. These days it's used across a wide variety of online services and is considered to be one of the most effective ways to protect your online information.

#SMSMarketing Success Tips

Be Consistent
⭐ Too many will annoy, too little and they may forget you

Easy Opt-Out
⭐Unsubscribes are normal, make it easy on your customers

Have Permission
⭐To avoid spam, have permission to send!

For both #EmailMarketing #SMSMarketing, permission-based sending will be sure to get you the best quality conversions. Sending without permission can cause spam reports and damage your sending reputation.

#EmailTips #EmailGeeks

With our reseller capabilities, you can offer Campaigner as your own, white-labelled email and SMS marketing platform. You have full control over billing, feature access, and more.

Do you have newsletters with low engagement? Drip email campaigns are the key to fixing this.

Some of the best performing drip campaigns that we see great success with:

🤝 Onboarding and welcome series
🛒 Abandoned cart series
👋 Re-engagement sequence

Ecommerce design tips which will help to bring you more success:

🎨 Use high-quality images

📈 Have a clear conversion path

📧 Integrate email marketing

🗘 Position elements in order of priority