Real Time Personalisation

Season 1, Episode 8

Join us for this panel on Realtime-Personalisation, with moderator Adeola Sole & Kath Pay of Holistic Email Marketing and expert panellists; Corrina Cohen of Caleres and Gretchen Scheiman of Liveclicker.

This must be a hot topic as we had more questions for the audience than we had time for. In today’s panel amongst lots of great examples and inspiration from Caleres and Liveclicker, we discussed the following:

● The difference between personalisation and real-time personalisation
● Why is real-time personalisation ubiquitous on sites etc but relatively rare in email marketing- why is this?
● Data silos can prove to be problematic with real-time personalisation. Do CDP’s assist with this?
● Workarounds for achieving personalisation with limitations in budget and technology
● How to get started with real-time personalisation and how to pitch for budget and resource for it
● Real-time personalisation examples within the customer’s lifecycle
● What KPIs should we be looking at?

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